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Advertising Solutions


Most people think effective online advertising is just posting on facebook and youtube. That is just 1% of the job. If you are going to have a meaningful online presence, you need our powerful artificial intelligent agents that monitor people behavior to streamline your adds to a select few audience that needs your services. Our AI does not only post on facebook and google, they post on multiple other social media platfform accross the globe.This is what our advertising solutions are all about. Now, lets get to business. We are so confident in our abilities that we dont want to charge you until you see results. For qualifying client only, mostly people who sell tickets or services,we take 30% of all ticket or services sold. There is zero upfront cost. Just tell us about your programme,shows or event. you send us your banner or we can design one on your behalf for a reasonable fee. Then, we go to work. we send in thousands of customers and clients to your business or events. We get 30% of all actuall tickets sales not the visitors generated by our algorithm unless otherwise stated. We do the hard part so you can focus your energy to do what you know how to do best.

We offer various advertising packages. You can experiment on each type to know which one works best fro you. Our basic package is $250 dollars a month. with this package,We agressively source for customers or clients for your busines so you can stay in your office and do you job. Your dont have to worry about regorious online advertising or poking a hole in your bank accounts in other to pay for tv, radio or news paper adds. Those methods are grossly expensive and not ass effective as online advertising. The world is moving forward in a fast pace.You either move along or get left behind. If your busines does not have online presence you are missing a lot of money. Your business might already be sucessful but you are not allergic to expansion either. If your business is having stunted growth or about to fizzle out, you need us to upgrade your advertising method in other to drive in new clients or customers. We are going to set up your company advertising needs on autopilot so that even when you are sleeping, your business never sleep. it will be constantly presented to your rospective custom 24/7 depending on your plan. We help streamline your audience to the last person in square feet. we can target your clients using a wide range of demographic parameters. We can target them by age,sex, religion,hobbies,geographical location and many more. Where ever your clients are on the plannet, we can get to them. This way we dont waste resources advertising to people who are not in need of your services or products. Our goal is to manage the little monthly payments you make to get you massive results.

      Advertising was never going to be one plus one equals two. This is why many business have failed and others have succeeded. For the businesses that succeeded, their advertising budget will wow blow your mind. Well, that is a little secret. In other to get to different customers, you have to vary your advertising methods. This is what most of the insurance companies know. You see them coming out with differrent weird advertisement day in day out. 

    For this reason we offer other advertisenment solutions to help position your business at the very top.

This solutions are

  •  Cartoon Advert. We help you design cartoon models and use them to create video ads that can be placed on Tv, youtube and other social media platforms. The advantages of cartoon ads are enormous. Firstly, they are ussually funny, thereby posses uncanny and immense ability to get peoples attention. Secondly, They are reussable. cartoon video ads can be used for 100 years and will still create thesame effect. This is why you see cartoon on tv last from generation to generation and they are still loved. We can make little edits on the video from time to time as per your request. You might think this cartoon videos are not affordable by your business. You will be surprised on how cheap they are. Put that extra touch into your business and set it on the trajectory to greatness today. Contact us now for your cartoon adds send your inquiries to [email protected]
  • Advertisementt Ideas. As a company that prides itself with enormous advertisement infrasructure, wer know a thing or two about advertisement. If you are a big company that have to generate different advertisement scenes for Tv or social media viewing often, we have various ideas to help smoothen your ads and amke them a little more classy. Contact us tyoday for your advertisement video ideas or consultation

3. Full advertisement video Creation. We can help you build your tv advertisemnet video from the the scratch. We hire the actors or use our in house specialist to create a video ads that will drive you sales aand bring in money to your business. We can write the storyline or you can even write yours. contact us today lets get your business to the next level.

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